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Workshop FAQs:

I've NEVER touched clay, is this class for me?
This class WILL cover basics, but if you're a little nervous about the material, or you're dropping in after the start day, I ask that you come on 30-15 minutes before so I can give you a rundown!

I've taken a clay class or two, is this class for me?
Hey, I'd say so! My goal is to provide projects that are fun, engaging, and teach skills outside of the coil pot and pinchpot! I think this class is aimed at beginner to intermediate!

I'm a Level 9 Advanced Armor Class Potter, is this class for me?
Come and join, fire you own work, keep this as a session to keep yourself accountable!
Just please be mindful that people have paid for instruction, and the cap for students exists so that everyone gets fair time and attention!

Whoa! Love the last-minute excitement, but you have to coordinate with me to get your clay and engobes, and potentially your tool set (3-5 sessions). While we can try, please allow 24-48 hours to coordinate for pickup or  you may have to wait until next week! 

I signed up for 5 weeks and then I missed one! What do I even do? Can I get a refund?
Oh no! Things happen, so I'll be providing a video of the project for missed days to those that missed a day for the 5 weeks, and will allow 30 after the next class to help with those projects! I can't provide a refund once you've used the materials, and the cost between 3 & 5 sessions is made up by clay/ material cost differences! 

How do I coordinate drop-off?
I will provide dates (generally 2 weeks following the end of a class!) for drop off of materials (Decatur or Marietta). If you miss it, you may have to wait to have your pieces back!

Wait, I thought pieces had to be glazed!
Oooh, you have ceramics Knowledge! Yes, generally you would have to glaze your work! However, for time and returned pieces sake, I am clear-glazing your work! You just have to color it with colored engobes to decorate and accentuate your art!

Things to be mindful of:

1. My classes are anti-racist, feminist and safe spaces. Any offensive language, harrassment, or discrimination either implicit or explicit may be subject to immediate expulsion from the class without refund.

2.  I cannot guarantee that your pieces will come out as you expect! You are paying for an experience and instruction for hopeful success. However, please be aware that ceramics are an artisan craft and accidents do happen both to greenware and glazed pieces. I will do all in my power to return your work as you completed it but due to airbubbles introduced during making, inconsistent drying, the inconsistencies of other potters, etc, I cannot promise a perfect product!

3. While I hope to fire your pieces and return them within 4 weeks of your course, please be patient and understanding of delays! These will be communicated and special circumstances can be discussed!

4. If, for whatever reason, there are issues with the course please come to me immediately. It is important that you enjoy your experience and are having an educational, engaging time!


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